All products seen and sold on this website www.beerpongaustralia.com.au are copyright protected or registered Trademarks under Australian law any attempt to copy any of Beer Pong Australia P/L slogans or designs please report them to us as this is a breach of Australian Copyright & Trademark Laws in Australia.

We value our hard work and don’t wish to have any person or business to imitate any slogan or design we have created. If we find anyone breaching Australian Copyright & trademark laws they will be reported and prosecuted.
Please contact: sales@beerpongaustralia.com.au

Beer Pong Australia P/L consistently the innovators not the imitators

We are Beer Pong Australia P/L because that is our registered ACCC company name.

We are located in Australia.

We operate under the fair trade agreement set by Australia.

We own and create all our designs and we can customise any table we have listed.

We can add or remove anything on our designs.

Our tables size is recognised as the Australian standard size.

All our staff is seen on our videos so you know who you’re dealing with.

We don’t make outlandish claims that we are the biggest or the experts we stand by our products.

You the buyers are the judges not us and with more than 12,000 likes on

Facebook we must be doing something right.

Consider this information when buying Beer Pong products and find out where you are buying from and who.

If it has not got the Green Triangle on the product most likely it’s not Australian and

it might be a cheap under sized table.

All the girls featured on our website are a part of Beer Pong Australia. We

do not steel photos of girls and promote them as a part of our business!!

You can be assured you are getting the best quality table in Australia as

we take pride in our product and operate 7 days to make sure you

get the best and are satisfied with a great product. That's our promise!!



It has come to attention there are a few beer pong sellers out there

operating out of mum & dads shed.

Selling cheap ebay tables passing them off as Australian Standard tables.

If you find a seller not listed with the ACCC and not offering the protection of the

Australian standard and consumer rights, then you make your own choice.


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