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wanting to stock Authentic Beer Pong Tables!


Beer Pong Australia is looking for retail businesses interested in stocking beer pong tables for the Xmas season!


To be eligible: You must be a bricks & mortar shop ONLY. We’re not interested in online retail stores (Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered!)

All successful retailers will be listed on our website and promoted to our 20,000+ members on Facebook.

If stocking beer pong tables is something you’d like to get into or if you’d like to know more, we’d love to chat with you!


Call us on 08 8326 3302 or forward your contact details to Greg: sales@beerpongaustralia.com.au

Hurry, time is running out so CONTACT US TODAY!


Pricing & Freight

Wholesale pricing can be discussed depending how many units you’re looking to stock. We are feeling generous though, we’re aiming to deliver stock to all retailers who are keen by the end of November for the busy Xmas & New Year sales.

Freighting stock to individuals all over the AUS can sometimes be slow and unreliable during the silly season, so having shop fronts and stockists throughout Australia is a great option for us to refer our members to.

With over 50,000 members & 8 years of sales we need more outlets to support this ever-growing market. If you’re in their area, they will come to you!



Date: 4/11/2016




Welcome to Beer Pong Australia wholesale enquires.


 So you are thinking of selling Beer pong because it’s new and unique and will be a great addition to your product range.

Well you would be right! 

Let me tell you a bit about our company it was establish in June 09 when there was no beer pong in Australia. So we started a product that did not exists and most Australian’s had no idea what it was. 

Fast track 7 plus year later with $3.47m plus of sales and now become to most popular game for people 18-40. Plus with 15% of our business is selling to companies wanting to introduce a game that all the staff can play. Our tables have been bought for radio stations, TV shows, Fundraisers, Uni’s and many more major events throughout Australia. 

Beer Pong started in the USA and they have been selling tables for more than 12 years and now Beer Pong Australia is selling tables to the USA. Also so many other countries we sell to. We are not connect to the USA beer pong we are a Australian owned and operated company in Australia. 

The advantage selling our tables is all of our tables come with a certificate of authenticity which mean it not a cheap import which is made of low grade material and is generally under size.  

Most importantly all our tables are made right here in Australia at our factories in South Australia. 98% of our tables are supplied by Australian companies which ensures you’re not dealing with an importer and you have the support of an Australian company. You are dealing directly with the manufacturer so warranty and delivery is far more efficient. Peace of mind for your customer and less stress as business owner.

What is Beer Pong?

 Beer Pong is the game everyone knows as the drinking game where players might put alcohol or other drinks in the cups to play. (refer how to play on website)Some businesses might not be keen to sell a (drinking game) but most want to target the purest of Beer Pong as it’s known all over the world.

 At this stage we are only selling the table and no accessories until the retail is well established Australia wide then we will be rolling out accessories. E.G Balls, Racks, TShirts, Stubby coolers

 Once you become a retailer of Beer Pong  we will ensure our customer base is well aware you are now selling. There will be regular mail outs and social media to ensure a steady flow of customer. This is no guarantee of customers but it’s our way to spread the word.

One questions comes up from retailers.

 Why will buyers come to my retails shop than buy off our Beer Pong Australia site?


Very simply most of our customer are never organised and leave everything to the last minute. Buying from us on our site will mean waiting a number of days before it leaves and a number of day to be delivered. With a retail out let they can walk in 20min before closing and buy a table for their party that night. There would not be a week that does not go by here at Beer Pong Australia with a customer who needs a table at the last minute and we just can’t deliver in time.


How to get on-board?

First you need to make sure you fit our criteria.


  1. You must be a registered retailer with a physical retail out let. (bricks and mortar building)

  2. Your minimum first order is 6 tables. (of any design off our list)(can supply list)

  3. Your first order is to be paid for before it leaves our factory.

  4. Your second order may be on a strict 30 day account.

  5. Once on an account you must pay for any current invoices before the next shipment is released. (even if it’s not 30 days has come up)

  6. You can have your own exclusive designs if you wish at a one off design fee per design. Importantly these are your designs and can’t be sold in any other out lets.

  7. Delivery is paid by the buyer so more you order the cheaper freight is. (we only charge you what we get charged) You may use your own transport if you require.

  8. If you are located outside Adelaide metro and need it delivered to your state by your selected frights company we can deliver directly to that freight company at no charge.

  9. Once you have established sales we will if you want to put a link on our site to tell customers your selling.


    To discuss any other questions please call Greg at our office on 08-8326-3302 or e-mail sales@beerpongaustralia.com.au


    Look forward to you enquires.


 ANZ custom table



Johnny Bravo Beer Pong table


Dragon Ball Z Beer Pong table


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