Beer Pong Boys Meet Bombshell girls (official) 20/5/13



 How to play Beer Pong






The Summer of Beer Pong Video...epic. 

This is one of our favourite videos of a typical summer party, only with Beer Pong.




How to set up your Beer Pong table



How to Play Beer Pong (Funny)

A humerous take on how to play beer pong.



 Beer Pong boys fly over to Sydney to meet with

Adut Entertainment company 'Bombshells'



Beer Pong Victoria's tournament that we caught on the 29th of January 2012.


We had an amazing time visiting Geelong, Rusy and the gang of Beer Pong Victoria.

Cant wait for the next tournament guys had so much fun!




Pt Augusta Video!


We had a great time up in SA's north, Pt Augusta now holds the record for most teams registered in one tournament. 48!



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