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With our extensive custom department, we also create custom protective carry bags and t-shirts.


Our protective carry bags are made from heavy duty, high-quality black canvas and are designed to protect your beer pong table and the inside of your car. We can add your company logo, favourite team logo or even your picture to your very own carry bag!


The best thing about our custom t-shirts is that we can supply our t-shirts or, to save money, send us your t-shirts and we can put the design on them. Everyone has an old t-shirt in their cupboard so why go through the expense of buying new t-shirts? It’s just smarter.



All branded carry bags costs vary depending on the design. Please contact us for a quote. 

Contact us today! The sooner you place your order, the sooner it can get to you in time!


Email: (Put in subject section: “Custom Accessories”)


Carry Bags


Here are some examples of the custom Protective Carry Bags that you can have made:


Example of a Custom Corporate Carry Bag   Example of Custom Logo Carry Bag   Example of Custom Carry Bag


  Example of Custom Hens Night Carry Bag   Example of Custom Birthday Carry Bag






Here are some examples of the custom shirts that you can have made:


Custom Company Shirts:


Example of Custom Polo Shirt    Example of Custom Corporate Shirt

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Custom Party Shirts:


 Example of Custom Birthday Shirt   Example of Custom Hens Night Shirt

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Random Custom Shirts:

 Example of Custom Mens' Shirt   Example of Funny Custom Mens' Shirt


Example of Custom Girls' Shirt   Example of Funny Custom Girls' Shirt

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