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Two competitions a month.


Archer Themed Custom Beer Pong Table Side View




2016 every week we have a table giveaway check it out.



Starting November 1 ST 2015

 Finally after a lot of discussions within the Beer Pong Industry.

Things are going to become very clear regarding junk beer pong tables being sold.

This will be a game changer and finally the beer pong industry will be finally protected against

fake beer pong tables being sold.

The word BEER PONG is being put on any type of table and it is time to clear out these types of tables to protect our game.


There will be an e-mail to members & Facebook posts and on radio & TV this will be big.


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Check out our Competitions for 2015

Generally we have a giveaway every month so you have 12 chances to win.

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Competitions & Give Aways

This weeks competition is on our

Starts 14/11/14 and ends 28/11/14


This week competition

One of our customers came up with design and thought it would be good to add to our collection.

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Winner anounced Monday 26 of May 

Week starting 5/5/14

Giveaway this week is a new table from our great mates at

Abominable Clothing.  

Great selection of T-shirts with unbelievable HOT girls.

Check out

 winner announced Friday 9th of May

Winner is Jeremy Estrin NSW





FIRST Competition 2014

Go to

Entries close Friday the 31st January 2014

Winner is Ali Hameed




Last Competition for 2013

Facebook competition

Table to be won - winner announced Thursday 19/12/13

Winner is  Stacey Haseldine

Wednesday 6/11/13




Is our new Summer Break Table. Plus cups, trays & balls with delivered anywhere in Australia.
Question. Where is the best place in Australia to spend summer holidays at:
Winner Gordon Lockeridge.



This weeks Giveaway
Redds Cup "Red frame table" only one in the WORLD. With 50 new Micro red cups and 50 standard cups & 6 balls.

Question: What is better Red Cups or Beer Pong Australia Blue cups? "think about it"
Winner Tamika Regnier

Go to to win.


Giveaway are mini redds Cups 10x50 packs to 10 winners

Question: Why are Jelly Shots great?

Winners: Andrew DcDonald

Aleli Bautirta

Stephen Bowser Bowden

Nathan Nugget Walker

Sam Cohen

Gareth Jarman

Royston Jarman

Adam Tripoli

Delwyn Juien

Kristy Mclaren



Facebook giveaway

Exclusive Bombshells Beer Pong Table. Worth over $280.
  With cups, balls & carry case.
  Question: What would be the best party to have a BOMBSHELLS Beer Pong Table at?
Winner Durian Preston



Pac-man Table
giveaway on Facebook

Winner: Ben Knees Alexander



Devils Playground Table giveaway Facebook

Winner :
Stephen Radclife



Custom USB
Beer Pong Card giveaway Facebook


Kate Hannah

Tim Palmer

Adam Schmidt

Chris Cheesewright

James Parker

Heather Murdoch

Hana Brown

Farrah Kedge



Inflatable Beer Pong Table giveaway Facebook.


David Reekie

Ben Ortmann

Simon Osborne

Taylor Brady

David Stic Martin

Ryan Sofoulis 



Our last big competition hit!

  Which should be our NEW design to go on sale!!

 over the last month we have chosen 6 people's design that we think are AWESOME!

 we'd like you to go to our facebook page and put a Vote down on one or more of these designs to let us know which design we

should start selling to the public!!


this was the competition..

 Imagine your own Custom made beer pong table design..what would it be? ....and what would it look like?


That's what we want to KNOW!


So, in 200 words or less tell us what your design would be, and what it would look like...Simple.


1st.--Email your idea, along with your name, contact number and state you live in, to

2nd.-- On the 24th of June we are choosing the top 8 designs that we think are the best!

3rd.--If your design is chosen, you will be contacted, and a picture of your design will be created and posted on ALL Beer Pong Australia Facebook pages.

4th.-- You will then have 2 weeks to get all your mates to 'Like' the photo of your design,

5th.-- After 2 weeks the people with the most 'likes' on their photo will get their design made, and sent out to them, congratulations...but the person out of that 3 with the MOST likes will also get their table put on the Beer Pong Australia website and SOLD...and for the next 6 months you will recieve $20 everytime your table is sold!




Get your entries in Before June 30th !


If your design gets chosen this is the beer Pong pages that your design will be on:







1st. Kieren- Pac Man

Pac Man 


2nd. Guy - Fooseball





3rd. Tyson- Beer Labels


Beer Labels





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