Our Aim Is To Be The Best We Can At What We Do,

So Everyone Can Enjoy A Great Product From A True Australian Beer Pong Company.


beer pong boysbeer pong boysBeer pong BoysBeer Pong BoysBeer Pong BoysBeer Pong Boys

(Travis and Mason, Beer Pong Australia founders) 

Beer Pong Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned and operated company.

We are Australia's leading Beer Pong Table manufacturers. All our tables are 2.4 m long x .600 mm wide and to Australian set height. These tables are foldable; they fold down to 0.6m (H) x 0.6m (W) x 0.14m (D) and are easily transportable as they can fit in the backseat or in the standard boot of a car.

Note: "We are not from USA so we don’t use feet or inches as measurements. We are in Australia and we are proud!" We support Australia and support jobs in Australia. We create world-standard sized tables. None of our tables are pre-printed cheap imports!

 We use only the best vinyl for our tables tops.

The most important part of Beer Pong Australia is most of our staff are on show for everyone to see. We want to make sure YOU know who you’re dealing with and we'd like you to know we are here to help.

(The internet can be a minefield of faceless cons just wanting to rip you off)

Beer Pong Australia company is located in Adelaide, South Australia.

We chose Adelaide due to its central location in Australia, and our warehouse is located in the suburb of Lonsdale.

 We have been working on this business plan for more than 9 years and now we have the best selection of Beer Pong Products ever seen here in Australia.


Beer Pong Australia is truly Australian owned and operated with our distinctive green triangle logo which sets us apart from any other so called ‘Australian’ Beer Pong business. We strive to maintain a strictly Australian company, employing only Australian designers, marketers and manufacturers. We set out to produce our extensive range of products that sets the benchmark throughout the world. All our tables are custom designed, not just for the beer pong enthusiast, but for players that want their own personally designed table. This is what sets Beer Pong Australia Pty Ltd apart, from the rest.


Over 55 sets of designed Official Beer Pong tables to choose from!

The only Beer Pong Company in Australia able to custom design your Beer Pong table!


Beer Pong Australia will evolve as time goes on and has some very exciting ventures planned in the future, which we believe will increase the popularity of this fantastic game here in Australia. One of the major differences that separates Beer Pong Australia from other beer pong back yard opperations is its focus on responsible drinking. We use our own cups so pub owners can ensure that the correct volume of alcohol or water is being used. Due to responsible consumption of alcohol laws in Australia, we are very conscious of our responsibility and in every way enforce responsible consumption of alcohol. That is why we have Party Pong Tables, which promote a non-alcoholic alternative to Beer Pong. Our philosophy is that Beer Pong is a competition game to win, not for irresponsible consumption of alcohol. All our tables have warnings to advise players to drink responsibly. We want all our players and supporters to be safe and have a great time.

 We have many states now in Australia on board and hosting Beer Pong tournaments.

Get behind your local state beer pong company






Feedback Welcome:

Here at Beer Pong Australia we always encourage feedback, so if you have any suggestions to improve our website or our products, please email us at: info@beerpongaustralia.com.au and put in the subject section “Director Feedback”.

We look forward to hearing from you!

All designs are copyrighted 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

Beer Pong Australia P/L, consistently the innovators not the imitators


We are Beer Pong Australia because that is our registered ACCC company name.

We are located in Australia.

We operate under the fair trade agreement set by Australian laws.

We own and create all our own designs and we can customise any table we have listed or make one up from scratch for you.

We can add or remove anything on our designs.



Our tables a size is recognised as the Australian standard size.

We don’t preprint cheap tables to one design and pass them off as quality.

All tables are designed from a high gloss black frame, in which we are the first in

Australia to offer such quality and finish on a Beer Pong Table.

All our staff is seen on our videos so you know who you’re dealing with.


We make claims that we are the biggest and the experts because we stand by our products. We are the best in Australia at what we do.

You the buyers are the judges not us.

Consider this information when buying Beer Pong products and find out where you are buying from and who.

If it has not got the Green Triangle on the product most likely it’s not Australian and the

table is likely to be wrong size and of a cheap frame.


Beer Pong Australia. We are Aussies, we sell Aussie tables and are proud of it.

(we dont sell and support other countries tables)

We keep the money here in Australia for Australians.


All products seen and sold on this website www.beerpongaustralia.com.au are copyright protected or registered Trademarks under Australian law any attempt to copy any of Beer Pong Australia P/L slogans or designs please report them to us as this is a breach of Australian Copyright & Trademark Laws in Australia.

We value our hard work and don’t wish to have any person or business to imitate any slogan or design we have created. If we find anyone breaching Australian Copyright & trademark laws they will be reported and prosecuted.

Please contact: sales@beerpongaustralia.com.au



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